Army Reserve Center - Saint Joseph

Owner: United States Army Reserves (Owners Rep: Army Corp of Engineers)

Location: Saint Joseph, MN

Description: Design Build delivery of a 200-member, 45,000 S.F. Army Reserve Center (ARC), and a standalone 2,000 S.F. Unheated Storage Building (UHS). Ground breaking to substantial completion accomplished on time and in less than a year. Supporting facilities included land clearing, paving, fencing, general site improvements, and extension of utilities to serve project. During the design phase, our team was able to identify many no cost enhancements that drastically reduced maintenance costs for the user while increasing durability of high traffic spaces. An example of the life cycle conscience design can be seen in the polished concrete floors. In addition, we were able to assist in the development of a new energy efficient kitchen model, which we were able to incorporate into the design of the building at a late stage. The new energy efficient kitchen model will drastically reduce energy consumption, while providing an efficient food preparation space more in line with current technologies. We were proud to be a part of the development of this new model that will be implemented as the new standard for kitchen spaces in future reserve center designs. The project was designed to U.S. Green Building Council - Leadership In Environmental Design (LEED) Silver was acheived.