South Saint Paul Secondary School

Owner: South Saint Paul Public Schools, Special School District #6

Location: South Saint Paul, MN

Description: The scope involved demolition, new construction, and renovation. Demolition included complete building removal of a 10,000S.F. gymnasium built in the 1920’s, surrounded by 3 existing structures built in different eras and removal of a 5,000 S.F. kitchen built in the 1990’s. Infilled within the demolition footprint between the 3 existing structures is a new 38,400SF three-story addition composed of structural steel, precast plank and masonry, with an additional 3,000S.F. loading dock and a 1,400S.F. annex link addition built atop the existing 2nd story building to link to the new 3rd story addition.  New construction also includes an 8,000S.F. pre-engineered metal building and precast wall panel gymnasium addition, at a separate location on the high school campus. This project also includes simultaneous renovation projects in 3 major areas of the school, approximately 15,400S.F., 13,000S.F. and 8,600S.F..  The renovation scope of work includes selective structural, mechanical and interior demolition to build out new classrooms, computer and design labs, resource rooms and media rooms, completed with new M.E.P./FP systems and delivered in phased construction planning.